June 2020 – The Breakdown

Following a noticeable dip in enquiries and sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in May, we have experienced an immediate bounce back since the start of June with activity normalising again and beginning to increase further from pre-pandemic statistics.

Despite production remaining busy, sales during the 3 months of the pandemic slowed down across all our solutions – 3D Marketing, BIM, Reality Capture but particularly in our 3D Planning Solutions. This was largely due to the extension of Irish Statutory Planning timelines on the 29th March 2020 which resulted in an extension of a total of eight weeks until 23rd May 2020.  Effectively this meant that any planning application lodged after March 29th was effectively ‘on ice’ until the end of May. Many schemes that were due to be lodged, therefore got deferred.

When the Government announced the Resumption of Statutory Timelines on 24th May 2020, there was an immediate and direct increase in project enquiries for our 3D Planning and BIM solutions such as verified view montages, BRE sunlight and daylight assessments and LVIA reports. Other live projects which had slowed also regained momentum.

At present, we are working on 57 active projects which will result in 714 deliverables for our clients. The projects and deliverables span across the four pillars of our business:

  • 3D Planning Solutions: 48%
  • 3D Marketing Solutions: 27%
  • BIM 3D-6D-7D: 13%
  • Reality Capture Solutions: 12%
3D Design Bureau's 3D solutions 'The Breakdown' - June 2020.
3D Design Bureau’s 3D solutions ‘The Breakdown’ – June 2020.

June 2020 – The Breakdown

57 Active Projects – 714 Deliverables:

3D Planning Solutions: 346 Deliverables (48%)

3D Marketing Solutions: 191 Deliverables (27%)

BIM 3D-6D-7D Solutions: 95 Deliverables (13%)

Reality Capture Solutions: 82 Deliverables (12%)

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