Aparthotel Planned for Dublin 2

Dublin 2 is currently buzzing with new developments, so it probably comes as no surprise that yet another aparthotel is about to go up in SOBO. There is no doubt that this is great news for the city and the Grand Canal/D2 area in general, but I suppose the elephant in the room is: where are all the city centre residential developments? Yes, tourism is on the rise and the city needs space to house this massive influx of visitors but where oh where will all the newly hired tech, fintech, start-up recruits etc etc and their families live in the coming year or two? Because, they are coming and we’re already sitting in a housing deficit and rental crisis……quite possibly, the aparthotel is a partial answer to this question and would explain why the city is seeing such an enormous increase in this type of accommodation. Not only can it be used as student accommodation but also a temporary residential solution which might be particularly useful for those who will work 4 day weeks in Dublin and return back home to the mainland or UK for the weekend. #Team3DDB recently completed various visuals for an aparthotel scheme in D2. This is the third major project in this area that we’ve worked on in the past 12 months.

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Let’s take a closer look at this:

Project Name:  Proposed Aparthotel Development – Dublin 2

Location: 1-2 Power’s Court, Dublin 2.

Planning Application Reference: 2851/17

Project Details:

  • Permission for a development at Scruffy Murphy’s public house. The development consists of the demolition of existing vacant 2 storey public house (479.6sqm) and the construction of a new 5 and part 6 storey over basement aparthotel and restaurant/ bar/ cafe.
  • The building will accommodate 36 aparthotel suites on the upper floors, over a ground floor restaurant/ bar/cafe with basement and includes all ancillary service areas. The total gross floor area of the building is 1556.4sqm.
  • The proposed development includes mechanically vented internal plant area at basement and fifth floor level; screened refuse enclosure at ground floor; proposed signage to south-east and north-east elevations; and a covered outdoor terrace at ground floor on the south-east elevation and all ancillary site and development works.

Architect: John Fleming Architects – JFA was established in 1994 by architect John Fleming. They provide architectural services for a diverse body of work including private one off residential, multi-unit residential, commercial, hospitality/leisure and retail projects, as well as many large scale master planning exercises and have been rewarded with many architectural prizes and acknowledgements from our valued clients.

CGI Consultants: 3D Design Bureau are specialists in Architectural Visualisation, BIM and VR – We Deliver Superior Design, Planning & Marketing 3D Solutions. For this project, the team created a series of presentation CGI’s and VVM’s, all of which are being used in the planning process.

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