Dublin 2 to welcome a €1.9m boutique hotel

Dublin City Council have granted the go-ahead to build a €1.9m boutique hotel at 1-2 power’s court, Dublin 2.

The development will retain Scruffy Murphy’s pub with the existing entrances and create a boutique hotel with 18 suites spanning over 4-storeys.

The developers will renovate the existing Georgian facade and gable walls and modify the roof.

The aparhotel is centrally located within 5 to 10 minutes’ walk of Grand Canal Dock, Merrion Square and tech giants Google and Accenture.

CGI consultants, 3D Design Bureau liaised with John Flemming Architects to construct of number of architectural visualisation images for planning and marketing purposes. 3D Design Bureau produced a series of verified view montages from various viewpoints which were submitted as part of the planning application to Dublin City Council.

Architectural CGI of boutique hotel, Dublin 2.
Architectural CGI of boutique hotel, Dublin 2.

Full project details:

Project name: Planning granted for €1.9m boutique hotel, Dublin 2.

Contract stage: Planning granted

Planning documents: Dublin County Council 

Ref no: 2097/19

Floor area: 790 m2

Site area: 0.2 hectares

Bedrooms: 18

Storeys: 4

Architectural visualisation of boutique hotel, Dublin 2.
Architectural visualisation of boutique hotel, Dublin 2.

Development team:

Architect: John Fleming Architects were established in 1994, John Fleming Architects (JFA) has developed a diverse body of creative work. This work includes private one-off residential, multi-unit residential, commercial, hospitality/leisure and retail projects, as well as student residences and large-scale master planning exercises.

Agent: Seosamh O’Muircheartaigh.

CGI Consultants3D Design Bureau – are specialists in architectural visualisation, BIM and VR – delivering quality design planning and marketing solutions. 3D Design Bureau created a series of verified view montages and architectural CGIs which were used for both planning and marketing purposes.

For this project, our client required verified view montages for planning purposes. They have received a clean grant of permission from Dublin City Council. We would love to hear about your project.