Office accommodation or 5-star hotel? A look inside the Lennox Building

Iconic Offices recently unveiled their latest workspace, the Lennox Building in Portobello, Dublin.

The co-working provider spent €3.5m on the interiors to create a work space that is “akin to a lux boutique hotel.”

The Lennox Building turned heads this week in London as it won the European Property Award for the Best Office Development in Ireland.

The 27,000sq ft of Grade A office space is distributed across five floors, and features a 2,000sq ft rooftop terrace which makes the most of the spanning views of Dublin city centre.

1920s glamour design approach

The design approach for The Lennox Building was to maximise the great location views with natural light and create an interior that is eclectic, striking, glamourous and a one-of-a-kind experience.

On arrival an open lobby, finished with a playful mix of marble and polished concrete, is furnished in luxurious leathers, velvets and brass highlights. Local urban art intertwines creating a bespoke gallery feel and an enviable working environment. The lobby is defined by an Iconic statement lighting feature, a bespoke hand-made ornate brass and crystal chandelier. From the street the space appears welcoming and intriguing.

Placing the full height glazing as a focal point to the space, a five-metre feature Cherry Blossom tree sits front and centre to street views from below, while acting as the key feature to the reception lounge. Below the outstretched branches and pink blossom, a combination of natural timbers, marbles, leathers and suedes create an interior that draws on quality and rich texture. Urban art sits alongside ornate brass detailing, while luxurious velvet drapes brush against raw concrete and reclaimed oak flooring supports bespoke furniture pieces. Contemporary urban design meets roaring 1920s glamour.

Interior CGI of ground floor lobby, the Lennox Building, Iconic Offices.
Interior CGI of ground floor lobby, the Lennox Building, Iconic Offices.

Building certification

Iconic Offices received WELL V2 Certification at the Lennox Building. This is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally, improving health and human experience through design.

Office elements from the chairs, desks, heat control, air quality, and smart adjustable lighting that adapts to natural light, day to night were all considered in achieving the building certification

The building holds a central position, located conveniently on South Richmond Street, a continuation of Camden Street, facing the site of former “The Bernard Shaw”

Interior CGI of first floor office, the Lennox Building, Iconic Offices.
Interior CGI of first floor office, the Lennox Building, Iconic Offices.

Architectural visualisation

CGI consultants, 3D Design Bureau, liaised with MCA architects to construct a series of architectural visualisation renders. 3D Design Bureau produced architectural CGIs, interior CGIs and a 3D walkthrough animation of the development.