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Owen Reilly: Current State & Future of the Irish Property Market | 3D Design Podcast Ep.4.

You are all very welcome along to Episode 4 of 3D Design Bureau’s podcast. Today, Nick and Kevin are joined by Owen Reilly, who is the Managing Director of Owen Reilly. Today’s topic will revolve around the current state and future trends surrounding the property market in Ireland and the emerging technology in the sector. Owen will share his insights on the state of the Irish property market as it begins to normalise post-pandemic.


(0:32) – Footfall beginning to return to Dublin residential areas.

(2:31) – What is the percentage of buyers versus renters in today’s real estate market?

(3:43) – How many small landlords make up the majority of the market.

(7:15) – How much time needs to pass before the housing shortage is fixed.

(10:23) – How the government can fix the housing shortage.

(12:33) – Are new landlords entering the market while house prices are high.

(14:03) – Will house prices continue to rise.

(17:35) – Since the pandemic, are new buyers looking for homes with more space for home offices.

(21:42) – The emergence of virtual tours in the property market.

(23:07) – Are real estate agents able to close sales through virtual tours alone.

(27:28) – An online property portal for real estate agents.

(30:17) – The growth of Owen Reilly

(31:58) – Virtual Reality Marketing Suite for property marketing.

(36:02) – Off-plans 360 virtual tours for unbuilt property.

(39:22) – What does the Dublin property market need?

(40:57) -TikTok for real estate agents.

(43:45) – What is next for Owen Reilly?

(46:19) – What can we do to help new buyers? (Lending terms)

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