3D Design Bureau

Computer generated imagery of the proposed development
  • 3D Planning
  • 3D Marketing
  • BIM
  • Virtual Tours
3D Solutions to Help Your Project

3D Planning Solutions

  • Zone of Theoretical View (ZTV)
  • Early Feasibility Daylight Assessments
  • Verified View Montages
  • Full Planning Daylight & Sunlight Reports
  • Topo Surveys

3D Marketing Solutions

  • Architectural Renders
  • Interior Renders
  • Architectural Animation
  • 3D Plans
  • Virtual Staging

BIM Solutions

  • 3D BIM (BIM modelling)
  • 4D BIM (Scheduling)
  • 6D BIM (Energy Analysis)
  • 7D BIM (Facility Management)

Virtual Tour Solutions

  • Matterport 3D Virtual Tours (As Built)
  • Off Plans 360 Virtual Tours (Pre-Built)
  • Hybrid Virtual Tours

About Us:

We are an international 3D studio based in Ireland, founded in 2000, that specialises in digital architecture and construction. As integrated partners in project design teams, we offer technical and creative 3D solutions for planning, marketing, BIM, and virtual tour requirements.

Property developers, architects, planning consultants, real estate agents, and other industry professionals trust us to help them secure planning permission, streamline construction processes, and maximise sales and marketing strategies — ultimately leading to increased efficiency in the delivery of their projects. We achieve this through high standards of excellence and a steadfast company culture of communication, collaboration, responsibility and respect.