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7 Advantages of 3D Architectural Walkthroughs for Property Marketing

3D architectural walkthroughs bring an added dimension to property marketing. Unlike still CGIs, 3D architectural walkthroughs bring you on a journey around and throughout a building in the form of a video story. Using 3D animated cameras, the viewer is exposed to the full detailed design and layout of a building or space. The key to a great 3D architectural walkthrough lies in capturing the attention of the viewer through great design and photo-realistic visualisation.

3D architectural walkthroughs have transformed the way real estate agents and AEC professionals present designs and layouts to their target audience. They eliminate the need to rely on a client’s imagination, or interpretation, by allowing them to experience a virtual walkthrough of a space before it is built.

3D architectural walkthroughs combine 3D modelling, visualisation, animation, music, and storytelling which result in an emotional connection with the viewer and the development/space. With video now the number one type of content consumed online, 3D architectural walkthroughs are an integral part of marketing strategy or campaign for medium to large scale property developments.

Results from two separate independent studies reveal that landing pages containing video content are capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%,. It also revealed that the mention of the word “video” in email subject lines increase open rates by 19% and that 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decision which is a key metric for the property industry.

The growth of video marketing has completely influenced the strategies of property developers, interior designers, architects, and real-estate agents. 3D architectural walkthroughs can be produced to showcase any space and come in many forms such as:

– 3D walkthrough animations for exteriors.

– 3D walkthrough animations for interiors.

– 3D walkthrough animations integrated into existing footage such as aerial drone videos.

– 3D walkthrough animations of masterplans and 3D floor plans.

What is a 3D Architectural Walkthrough?

3D architectural walkthroughs, also referred to as “3D architectural animations” are an animated 3D showcase of a development using full CGI. They are produced from digital 3D models that have been visualised to a photo-realistic standard. 3D architectural walkthroughs showcase all the design elements, both externally and internally of a property development and its spaces.

3D architectural walkthroughs, use the same 2D to 3D processes as still CGIs. However animated cameras are created within the model scene, rendered, and edited into one complete video sequence bringing viewers on a guided 3D tour of the scheme. Some walkthroughs are a single, uninterrupted camera movement around or through a building, whilst another style of walkthrough uses multiple animated cameras (detail and wide angle shots) edited together to create a video.

Advantages of 3D Architectural Walkthroughs for Property Marketing

#1 Better Understanding: Most buyers and renters find it difficult at best to understand 2D architectural plans. Even when displayed in conjunction with still CGIs, they can have difficulty understanding a property or space. 3D architectural walkthroughs tackle this problem head-on and a well edited and laid out 3D walkthrough allows users to fully understand the design and more importantly, the layout.

#2 Presentation: 3D architectural walkthroughs are one of the highest forms of content to showcase a proposed development. They bring architectural plans to life by capturing every detail and layout in a photorealistic, engaging, and accurate way. This type of content breathes confidence in prospective buyers, tenants, and stakeholders.

#3 Increased Conversions: When it comes to running a marketing campaign, the ultimate metric is the conversion rate. By leveraging 3D walkthrough animations, you will be able to convert more prospects into leads and secure pre-sales and/or pre-lets. A recent study shows that 71% of marketers have found video content more conversion-friendly with an industry average conversion rate of 4.8% for websites using video.

#4 Emotional Connection: Great 3D architectural walkthroughs create a story for the end user to connect with. This is achieved through photorealistic visualisation, great camera composition and the use of theme, style, and music. Most walkthroughs are created to generate hype for potential buyers, tenants, or stakeholders to invest in a space. High value content that establishes an emotional connection with a viewer is 28% more likely to shared online vs unemotional content.

#5 Accessibility: By hosting a 3D architectural walkthrough online, you are removing barriers, and even anxiety, for prospective buyers and stakeholders to physically view a space when it is completed. They allow you to showcase your space online 24/7 and cast a wider net with global reach.

#6 Stronger Engagement Levels: Many studies have proven that high-value video content works great when engaging a target audience. With more and more people watching video content on social media sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can see first-hand how 3D walkthrough animations are being used in property marketing. Video content is 10 times more likely to generate social shares, likes and comments which increases the awareness of a proposed development or space and ultimately lead to increased sales.

#7 Competitive edge: In an industry that is extremely competitive, and with online platforms being flooded with content, it is imperative to have that competitive edge. 3D walkthrough animations are one of the most powerful and impactful forms of content that easily sets a marketing strategy apart from still images and text. According to a study done by Comscore, by adding video content to your site, you have a 53% higher chance to end up on the first page of search engines. By trumping your competitors on search engines and having the most engaging form of content for social media, you will knock it out of the park.

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