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Presentation CGIs & Photomontages: For Design Decisions, Planning Approval & Marketing

Presentation CGIs and photomontages are used throughout the lifecycle of a project from the early design stage through the planning phase and finally to secure pre-sales and market a new development.

Presentation photomontages are created by inserting a digital 3D model of a proposed development into an existing environment which results in a photorealistic and impactful view of a scheme as it will be when built. These photomontages are produced in conjunction with technical verified view montages to best present a proposed scheme from a close range design point of view.

For the most part, presentation CGIs are different in that they are produced entirely from the digital 3D model asset without any surrounding context photography. Sometimes referred to as artist impressions or architectural renderings, this type of image allows for artistic license to be further used to best present the proposed development.

Presentation photomontages and CGIs provide clients and stake holders, design consultants and the planning authorities with an accurate representation of the quality in design and finish of a scheme.

Presentation CGIs for Early Design Decisions:

Because presentation CGIs are created from a digital 3D model, they are extremely customisable – any angle of view, change of materials, adjustment of lighting etc. Design teams can test different elements such as materials, wall textures window styles and overall design features to ensure the best possible design well in advance of the planning phase and the later marketing phase.

Note: At early design stage presentation photomontages are not generally used. They come into play once the design has been firmed up and the planning phase is about to commence.

Presentation Photomontages for Planning Approval:

Presentation photomontages provide the planning authorities with an accurate and photo-realistic representation of the quality in design and finish of a scheme in its intended location. This allows the planning authorities to make an informed decision on applications.

The inclusion of a set of presentation photomontages alongside technical verified view montages as part of a planning application can be instrumental in helping to secure planning permission.

They are especially important for large-scale schemes, such as Strategic Housing Developments (SHD), Private Rental Schemes (PRS) and Built to Rent Developments (BTR).

Presentation CGIs & Photomontages for Marketing:

In an industry that is extremely competitive, and with online platforms being flooded with content, it is crucial to have that competitive edge. Presentation CGIs and Photomontages are a powerful and impactful form of content used in the AEC and property sector.

Presentation CGIs and Photomontages give the viewer an accurate representation of a project in its intended environment that is both striking and photo-realistic.

In an industry where time is money, the use of CGIs is now considered a cost-effective solution to secure pre-sales of a development.

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