Are there negative attitudes in your team? Here’s how to deal with them

One bad apple can upset the apple cart! It’s an old adage but one that is particularly true when it comes to any business. A negative and bad attitude is like a virus…it will spread and infect other team members. If it’s not dealt with at source it will cause your business a whole lot of problems and be far more impacting than not having the talent or skillset there in the first place.

With first-hand experience of this a couple of times over my 16 years in business, it’s safe to say that you only need to experience it once to recognize how detrimental it can be to your business and more importantly to the wellbeing of your team. Take a look at some of the world’s most famous sports stars who have a history of ‘trouble’ at every club they go to. The next club always think that they will be able to manage them and get the best out of them, but inevitably this does not transpire. The underlying issues of the player rise to the top and suddenly the player ‘moves on’.

When someone in your business breaths a bad atmosphere into your team it is imperative you cut the cord no matter how valuable they are to your bottom line or business strategy. Because bottom line if you don’t take action, the rest of your team are in jeopardy of under-performing and the cohesive and team ethic you have worked hard to build starts to become disrupted. This will ultimately have a more severe impact on your business. By all means explore different management styles, to try and resolve the issues but sometimes certain people simply don’t fit in a team environment no matter how much managing you try.

Remember no one person makes a team. No matter how talented or hard working someone may be, a bad attitude and negative outlook are attributes that can never be accepted if you want your business and team to grow. Cut it out and get rid of it quickly. It maybe a little painful in the short term but there will always be someone who can fill and learn the role, especially if they have the right attitude. No amount of talent will ever trump a bad attitude.

By Nicholas Polley, MD of 3D Design Bureau and Creator of Virtual Shopfronts.

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