July 2020 – The Breakdown

Following a bounce back in business in June after the Covid-19 pandemic months, we have experienced increased growth again in July.

Production has been ramped up across all our solutions – 3D Marketing, BIM, Reality Capture and particularly in our 3D Planning Solutions.

Despite our total project numbers only increasing by 2% compared to last month, the 58 projects we are working on contain a significant increase in deliverables. Our team are working on an additional 153 deliverables resulting in an increase of 21% in production.

At present, we are working on 58 active projects which will result in 867 deliverables for our clients. The projects and deliverables span across the four pillars of our business:

– 3D Planning Solutions: 51%

– 3D Marketing Solutions: 27%

– BIM 3D-6D-7D: 12%

– Reality Capture Solutions: 10%

3D Design Bureau's July 2020 Breakdown of 3D Solutions.
3D Design Bureau’s July 2020 Breakdown of 3D Solutions.

July 2020 – The Breakdown

58 Active Projects – 867 Deliverables:

3D Planning Solutions: 446 Deliverables (51%)

Verified View Montages (Key component in writing of LVIA reports): 446 deliverables.

3D Marketing Solutions: 236 Deliverables (27%)

Architectural CGIs: 130

Interior CGIs: 79

Presentation Photomontages: 11

Off-Plans 360 Virtual Tours: 4

Aerial CGIs: 8

3D Floor Plans: 3

3D Walk-through Animations: 1

BIM 3D-6D-7D Solutions: 102 Deliverables (12%)

BRE Daylight & Sunlight Assessments: 100

Full BIM Projects: 2

Reality Capture Solutions: 83 Deliverables (10%)

Architectural/Commercial Photography: 53

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours: 30

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