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A Look Inside Ireland’s Office Bid for ECMWF – Cherrywood

Irish architects, Cantrell & Crowley, were commissioned to design the interiors for Ireland’s bid to lure Europe’s flagship climate research centre to Dublin.

The Irish bid was coordinated by Met Éireann and the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

The Government wanted Ireland to be the new home of the European Centre for Mid-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) when Brexit forces the high-tech operation and 250 of its scientists and support staff out of England.

Ireland’s offer included free use of the recently completed ‘F2’ office block at ‘The Campus’ business park in Cherrywood, South Dublin. The design was shortlisted; however the final decision was made to relocate the offices to Bonn, Germany.

A representative from Cantrell & Crowley commented “The brief was to create an office which has an emphasis on sustainability whilst also a modern, design-focused, flexible and collaborative workspace suitable for a large office.”

The space includes a range of meeting rooms and offices such as open plan informal meeting areas, small and large enclosed meeting rooms, private offices, and large flexible training/boardrooms.

The workspace is an open plan layout with break out seating situated close to groupings of desks to allow for informal collaboration. There is also a large canteen which encourages staff to use for all types of collaboration through the day.

CGI consultants, 3D Design Bureau, liaised with the Cantrell & Crowley to provide both 3D marketing solutions. 3D Design Bureau produced a total of 5 interior CGIs and a 3D walkthrough animation which were used to present Ireland’s bid to ECMWF.

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