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Irish-Designed ‘The Parlour Room’ Whiskey Bar | New York City.

Ireland-based designers have transformed an Irish pub into a dramatic whiskey bar in the heart of Midtown, New York City.

The recently launched ‘The Parlour Room’ is designed by Dublin-based design studio O’Donnell O’Neill Design. The Whiskey bar is the latest venture of culinary company Fox Hospitality Group. The Parlour Room can be found in an old and previously disused garment district factory and former Irish Pub on W 36th Street New York. The Parlour Room specialises in over 400 curated whiskies, some of which are supposedly quite rare.

O’Donnell O’Neill Design has combined the feel and atmosphere of a traditional Irish Pub with a modern industrial style twist. Known for creating experiential and atmospheric interior designs for the hospitality industry, O’Donnell O’Neill Design has successfully created a unique space that holds a lot of character and personality which is a hallmark of the traditional Irish Pub.

The space is vast, with 180 seats, but the division of it into booth seating and separate levels makes it feel very intimate and warm. This feeling is emphasised by the warm lighting and the rich, dark tones used throughout the space. The use of vintage-style lamps gives the impression that the space is cozy like a traditional Irish Pub would feel, yet the large centrepiece chandelier brings elegance and class to the design.

Obscure vintage art hangs on the walls in an organised chaos that might remind someone of the unique jumble you would commonly see on the walls of a traditional Irish Pub. This interior design once again excels in its ability to evoke this atmosphere whilst still maintaining the sophistication of being a modern whiskey bar.

CGI consultants, 3D Design Bureau liaised with O’Donnell O’Neill Design to produce a selection of interior CGIs of ‘The Parlour Room’. The renders were used to finalise the design and to and provide a photo-realistic representation of the space pre-fit-out.

Interior CGI of The Parlour Room Whiskey Bar in New York City.
Interior CGI of The Parlour Room Whiskey Bar in New York City.

The Parlour Room NYC Development Team:

Developer: Fox Lifestyle Hospitality Group is an experienced culinary and beverage company based in New York.

Architect: O’Donnell O’Neill is a dynamic and creative Interior Architecture and Design Studio who specialise in experiential and atmospheric Interior Design Solutions for the Hospitality Industry. They are based in Dublin.

CGI Consultants3D Design Bureau – are specialists in architectural visualisation, BIM and VR – delivering quality design planning and marketing solutions.

Interior CGI of The Parlour Room Whiskey Bar in New York City.
Interior CGI of The Parlour Room Whiskey Bar in New York City.

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