What We Do

3D Design Bureau specialise in architectural visualisation, BIM (3D/4D/6D & Coordination), virtual reality & 360 virtual tours. These specific services are intrinsic digital construction elements within the AEC sector, from the early design and planning stages of a project, during the construction phase and through to the sales and marketing of a development. Our unique company structure underpins the high quality service and end product that we provide to every client. See below for more details of our specific services.

Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation is a now prerequisite for every phase of any property development. Whether its early stage design improvements, verified view montages for planning or CGI material for marketing, our architectural visualisation service produce 3D deliverables that meet your project requirements.

360 Virtual Tours

Immerse and engage more of your target audience, from any device – desktop, mobile & tablet, by offering them the most interactive user friendly 360VTs available on the market . Our 3D […]

BRE Daylighting Analysis

As we strive towards better design, daylighting and sunlighting have become an essential consideration to ensure our built environment is sustainable. Our BRE daylighting & sunlighting analysis uses the methodology […]

BIM – Digital Construction

With the digital transformation era truly upon us, BIM is rapidly gathering pace across the industry. This collaborative and coordinated digital design and construction process, between architects engineers and construction […]

Virtual & Mixed Reality

VR is a fully immersive technology that allows users to be ‘transported’ into an virtual environment. Layer on content within this ‘Virtual Space’ and you get mixed reality. This amazing […]

Commercial Photography

With our in-house qualified architectural photographer, we provide a full professional photography service for any location in Ireland. Shoots are tailored to your specific requirements, whether it be exterior and/or […]

2D & 3D Graphics

3D Design Bureau’s 2D and 3D graphics are the perfect compliment to any of the CGI marketing material we also offer. The main focus of this service is the simplifying […]

Product Visualisation

3D Design Bureau’s visualisation skillsets transcends across to product design. Through the accurate representation of how concept products work and what they do, 3D product visualisation is an absolute must […]