What We Do

We specialise in architectural visualisation, BIM, virtual reality, & virtual tours. With over 22 years of experience, we are one of the leading digital construction 3D studios delivering planning, marketing, BIM and Virtual Tour solutions.

Our work stems from our talented team which consists of 3D artists, architects engineers, & BIM professionals. See below for more details about our 3D services & solutions.

Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation is a now prerequisite for every phase of any property development. Our service is used for early-stage design improvements, planning approval, and marketing.

Off-Plans Virtual Tours

These 360 tours are used to secure pre-sales and pre-lets of apartment developments, housing schemes, student accommodations, office developments, and hotels.

BRE Daylight & Sunlight

Carrying out BRE daylight & sunlight analysis at a very early design stage is highly advisable for many proposed developments. This helps assess and determine if the early massing and scale design of a scheme will be suitable for a given site.

BIM – Digital Construction

We are perfectly positioned to contribute to BIM projects in the area of 3D, 6D, 7D and BIM coordination, enabling the successful delivery of EIRs and BIM execution plans.

Matterport Virtual Tours

Our Matterport 3D virtual tours offer potential buyers and tenants an open door experience, allowing visitors to virtually walk through a property at any time day or night from anywhere in the world.

2D & 3D Graphics

3D Design Bureau’s 2D and 3D graphics are the perfect compliment to any of the CGI marketing material we also offer. The main focus of this service is the simplifying and graphical illustration, of sometimes hard to read, CAD plans/elevations and layouts.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is a fully immersive technology that allows users to be transported into a virtual environment. Virtual reality can be mixed with the ‘as built’ world to create an augmented reality experience.

Product Visualisation

3D Design Bureau’s visualisation skillsets transcends across to product design. Through the accurate representation of how concept products work and what they do, 3D product visualisation is an absolute must for any product designer trying to get to market.