Works Commenced on Dundrum Town Centre’s €4.7M Development

Property giant Hammerson have begun enabling works on a €4.7M restaurant and community development known as Pembroke Square which is located at 1-5 Ashgrove Terrace at the rear of Dundrum Town Centre.

The project involves the creation of a new food hall, restaurant and revamped outdoor space. Upmarket food retailer Fallon & Byrne is lined up as a tenant for the site.

Five vacant two-storey buildings on Ashgrove Terrace, located on Dundrum’s main street, will be refurbished as part of the development, which was approved after a local resident’s appeal to An Bord Pleanála was ruled invalid.

A new two-storey building will be built at the rear of the existing vacant structures, connecting Ashgrove Terrace to the shopping centre’s Pembroke Square.

This will create a 1,000 sq m restaurant and food hall, with entrances on the main street and the new square, as well as an outdoor seating area and a first-floor terrace.

As well as the Fallon & Byrne outlet, there are also plans to develop a smaller café or restaurant, a basement-level leisure or entertainment facility and a multipurpose outdoor space.

In the planning permission, it is suggested that the square could be used for events such as food and craft markets, exhibitions, an outdoor cinema, food and beverage stalls or retail concessions.

CGI Consultants, 3D Design Bureau worked closely with architects, Lafferty and developer Hammerson to produce accurate, photo-realistic architectural CGIs and verified view montages to help secure planning and visualise this project.

Architectural CGI of Pembroke Square, Dundrum Shopping Centre.
Architectural CGI of Pembroke Square, Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Deep Dive into Project:

€4.7M Restaurant Development, Pembroke Square, Dundrum Town Centre.

Location: 1-5 Ashgrove Terrace, and lands to the rear, (known as `Pembroke Square`), Dundrum Town Centre

Planning Reference: ABPREF302008

Site Area: 0.23 hectares

Value: €4.7M

Status: Enabling works commenced

Architectural CGI of Pembroke Square, Dundrum Shopping Centre.
Architectural CGI of Pembroke Square, Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Full Details:

1) the refurbishment, amalgamation and change of use of 5 no. existing vacant buildings (nos. 1-5 Ashgrove Terrace) and construction of a new 2 storey building (730 sqm) to the rear of and part interconnected with the existing Ashgrove Terrace.

The refurbished Ashgrove Terrace (688 sqm) is connected to the new building to the rear and the total gross floor area of the existing buildings and the new building is 1,418 sqm, which will accommodate: a) unit 1 (1,094 sqm); a restaurant/bar with an retail element (food hall/delicatessen) and ancillary accommodation over two levels with entrances from Sandyford Road (via existing Ashgrove Terrace) and from the new building extension from the new public space referred to as Pembroke Square.

The unit has outdoor seating areas at ground level on Sandyford road, to the rear on Pembroke Square and on first floor terrace. b) unit 2 (324 sqm): a café/restaurant unit over two levels with access from the new Pembroke Square and outdoor seating on first floor terrace.

2) Leisure/entertainment/amusement facility with restaurant/bar facilities and ancillary accommodation at extended existing basement level (681 sqm) with access from a new lift/stair core at ground level on Pembroke Square.

3) Multipurpose outdoor space – the remainder of the site will provide a new outdoor space (referred to as Pembroke Square) with associated public realm improvement works, hard and soft landscaping, seating and lighting. Permission is sought for use of the area as a multi-purpose space for events of a cultural, educational, social, recreational or sporting character (including food and craft markets, exhibitions, outdoor cinema, food and beverage stalls and retail concessions on an all year round basis) and the placing or maintenance of tents, vans or temporary or moveable structures or objects on the lands in connection with such uses including the provision of power and lighting and associated signage. Permission is also sought for all associate signage, bicycle parking (28 spaces), plant and all associated site and development works. Ashgrove terrace is within a candidate architectural conservation area.

Companies Involved:

Promoter – Dundrum Retail Limited: Located at Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland

Promoter – Hammerson: Hammerson plc is a major British property development and investment company

Architect – Lafferty Design & Development Limited: Founded in 1997, Lafferty is a dynamic design led solutions company, set up to achieve highly effective project delivery, focused on client/stakeholder objectives and optimal investment return. Our core services are Architecture and Project Management.

Assigned Certifier – i3PT Certification Association: 3PT Certification (i3PT) is the leading independent Assigned Certification firm operating in Ireland. The firm employs a multi-disciplinary team who have been trained to audit and certify buildings under our rigourous certification scheme.

Planning Consultant – BMA Planning: BMA Planning is a broad based planning and development consultancy which has provided its services to public and private sector clients throughout the length and breadth of Ireland for over 20 years.

Consulting Engineer – TJ O’Connor and Associates Consulting Engineers: Since 1937 T. J. O’Connor & Associates has provided engineering design services for major national infrastructural projects and major iconic developments.

Landscape Consultant – LDA Design: An independent consultancy of urban designers, landscape architects and planners working together to connect people and place through landscape.

Enabling Contractor – Walmac Demolition: M&P Construction is an Irish construction company proudly serving our customers since 1993. We specialise in New Building Construction, Refurbishment & Fit-Out, Infrastructure projects, and Demolition works.