3D Design Bureau

We are 3D Design Bureau

“3D Design Bureau live in the ever expanding Prop Tech arena. We offer digital construction services in the form of creative and technical 3D solutions.”

Our Story

We were established in 2000 by Nicholas Polley, a qualified building services engineer.

We re-branded to 3D Design Bureau in 2015 following the global recession. The re-brand has been the corner stone to our continued growth. We focused on ‘the brand’ and the future-proofing of the company through the addition of a full suite of 3D digital construction services and solutions.

We are CGI consultants and an integral part of every design team from both a technical and creative capacity.

Our foundation is now digital construction services and solutions for the AEC sector within the PropTech arena. Our four pillars of the business are 3D Planning Solutions | 3D Marketing Solutions | BIM Solutions | Photography Solutions.

Our client base is in the AEC sector. We provide 3D solutions across all areas of the sector and at varying stages of a project. We consider ourselves partners with other design team consultants and our clients.

We work with clients through the entire life cycle of a project: from design and planning, through construction and into marketing. Our goal is to extend this into facilities management.

Our work stems from our talented team which consists of Engineers, Architects, CGI Specialists, BIM professionals and of course an amazing backroom support team.

Our roadmap and future proofing of the company feeds the digital construction services and solutions we offer.

How 3D Solutions Benefits the AEC Sector

The high quality and accuracy in our range of digital construction services benefits our clients in the following ways:

Design decisions: Our work encourages and allows for quicker and more informed design decisions through visual communication.

Communication: Our work improves communication and understanding of a scheme between all stakeholders and design team members.

3D planning solutions: Our work assists with the securing of planning permission of all scales and types of development. It should be noted that our ‘brand’ along with the quality and accuracy of our work is recognised and praised within the industry and more importantly, the planning authorities.

BIM Solutions: Our BIM deliverables can assist in the delivery of BIM models (3D) in the high energy performance of a development (6D), the well planned scheduling of its construction (4D) and potentially the delivery of a digital twin. (The holy grail of BIM)

3D marketing solutions: Our stunning, photo-realistic 3D content maximises sales and marketing strategies through visual and interactive communication.

Timeframes: Continued advancement of the company’s work processes and innovation, and the use of the best technology available to us, coupled with an amazing team, allows for optimal delivery of projects.

Our Digital Construction Partners

  • Property Funds and REITs
  • Property Developers 
  • Construction Companies 
  • Government Agencies 
  • Architects 
  • Interior Architects and Designers 
  • Landscape architects
  • Project management consultants
  • Planning consultants
  • Estate Agents
  • Engineers 
  • Surveyors 
  • Product Designers 
  • Product Manufacturers 
  • Advertising Agencies 
  • Design Agencies 
  • Graphic Designers

Our 3D Planning Solutions

Our 3D planning solutions are key deliverables in any planning application and in particular: Strategic housing developments (SHD), Private Rental Schemes (PRS) and Built to Rent developments (BTR).

Our Verified View Montages (VVMs) play a vital role in the writing of LVIA and TVIA reports while our BRE daylight/sunlight analysis helps improve design and meet planning guidelines.

Our strong reputation for quality, accuracy and technically verifiable results, breathes confidence in our clients, in design team consultants and most importantly, in planning authorities and An Bord Pleanála.

Our 3D planning solutions include:

Verified View Montages.

– LVIA and TVIA reports

BRE Daylight Analysis & Reports.

Presentation CGIs.

Our 3D Marketing Solutions

Our 3D marketing services play a pivotal role in property marketing strategies. Individual or a combination of our marketing solutions result in higher performing sales of properties and developments. With 20 years of experience and expertise, we create impactful and photo-realistic static, animated and interactive 3D marketing solutions that bring our client’s vision to life.

Our 3D marketing solutions include:

Architectural Renderings and Interior CGIs

– Interactive Off Plans 360 Virtual Tours

Animated 3D Walkthroughs

2D and 3D Plans

Our BIM Solutions

With the digital transformation era firmly upon us, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is gathering steam and having a significant impact on the AEC sector. Our BIM solutions are a very important pillar within the company and have been identified as a key component in the future proofing of our business. Our range of BIM services will assist clients and design teams to deliver on BIM projects.  Whatever service of BIM you require we can support and collaborate with you and your BIM team to ensure that EIRs and BIM execution plans are delivered.

Our BIM solutions include:

– 3D BIM (BIM modelling)

– 4D BIM (Scheduling)

– 6D BIM (Energy Analysis)

– BIM Coordination (coming soon)

Our Reality Capture Solutions

Matterport 3D virtual Tours for Real Estate
Matterport 3D virtual Tours for Real Estate

Our reality capture solutions are tailored to your specific requirements. They are carried out by our in-house qualified architectural photography team and span all property types and sectors. Combining our high quality photography, videography and Matterport 360 virtual tours we produce powerful marketing solutions for the ‘As Built’ environment. Our Matterport 360 virtual tours can also be used as a dedicated monitoring tool during the construction phase of a project.

Our reality capture solutions include:

Matterport 360 Virtual Tours

Architectural Photography

– Commercial Photography and Videography

– Drone Photography and Videography

How We Deliver Our 3D Solutions?

Since 2015 we have experienced strong and calculated growth within the company. Our qualified and skilled team has grown on average 25% every year. The company is structured with a dedicated management team, sales team and production team. Each team member throughout the company plays a key role in the delivery of projects to clients. Everyone is aware of their own role and the role other team members play in a project. Couple this with streamlined work processes and practices ensures smooth delivery on every project.

To achieve our high level of service, each member of our great team buys into the culture of the company. Our culture is paramount and has a direct correlation with smooth delivery with a sustained high quality in our work. Our culture encapsulates what we do, how we treat one another and our clients:  Communication | Collaboration | Responsibility | Respect.

The Future of the AEC Sector and 3D Design Bureau

We’re constantly looking to future trends in the AEC sector and what services and deliverables we can introduce that dovetail into our existing offering. This does not happen by accident or without an element of risk. Innovative thinking and behaviour are key ingredients and something we openly discuss within the company across all team members at all levels.

The outlook for the AEC sector itself is heavily concentrated on BIM and ultimately the digital twin, VR and AR and potentially AI. These all involve advanced technology and continued growth in skillsets. They push us as a company to think beyond the day to day and look to what innovations we can introduce that will help solve problems and pinch points for our clients in the sector.

Right now, however, the immediate future for the company looks a little like this:

– LVIA/TVIA expert to join the team and have another voice at the table.

– Continued implementation and enabling of our BIM services and completion of BIM level 2 certification under ISO 1950 standards.

– Real-time visualisation. Gaming engines for the AEC sector.

– Taking on a Sustainability Architect to grow our 6D BIM solutions.

– Smart cities: Digital models of cities and enhanced designs